Enforce the governing documents

Establish sound fiscal policies and maintain accurate records

Develop a workable budget, keeping in mind the needs, requirements and expectations of the community

Establish reserve funds

Act on budget items and determine assessment rates

Collect assessments

Establish, publicize, and enforce rules and penalties

Authorize legal action against owners who do not comply with the rules

Review local laws before passing rules or sending bylaws to membership for approval

Appoint committees and delegate authority to them

Select an attorney, an auditor, insurance agent and other professionals for the association

Provide adequate insurance coverage, as required by the bylaws and local governmental agencies

Inform board members of all business items that require their vote

Inform members of important board decisions and transactions

See that the association is protected for the acts of all parties with fiscal responsibilities

Attend and participate at meetings

Your Board is made up of neighborhood residents just like you who volunteer their time and energy to help run the business of the board.

Board members spend an average of 10-20 hours a month of their personal time working to make sure this a neighborhood that excels and has well maintained community property, is a warm, clean and inviting neighborhood, and is made up of a welcoming and strong community. Together, these make Durham Park such a desireable location in which to settle.

Board members come from all backgrounds, positions, beliefs, political preferences, and more, but they all have one thing in common:

Your board members have a strong sense of community and a belief in donating their time and energey to work to make Durham Park a better, safer, friendlier and more properous neighborhood for every resident who lives here.